Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Va. vs. U.S.A.

The states created the federal government, in the end it will be the states who put the federal government back in their place as a limited government.

Follow up from my post March 2010 Thttp://pafreedomwriter.blogspot.com/2010/03/more-push-back.html

Obama's Health-Care Law Ruled Unconstitutional Over Insurance Requirement

But the state of Virginia basically said that you cannot enforce the ObamaCare law in Virginia. We will not allow the IRS to penalize any of our citizens. We will not allow the IRS to tax any of our citizens who refuse to participate. And we will not allow anyone to prosecute our citizens because they refuse to participate. And we will not enforce your IRS law, and we will not collect your taxes for you, is what the Virginia law said. Or says.

"This case is not about health insurance. It is not about health care. It's about liberty," Cuccinelli said at a press conference Monday afternoon in the state capital, Richmond. "We've won the first round of this particular fight, but we know there are others to come."

AG Cuccinelli reaction to winning suit against federal health care law 12-13-10 from OAG on Vimeo.


Today is a great day for the Constitution. Today the Constitution has been protected from the federal government, and remember, an important reason for the constitution in the first place was to limit the power of the federal government.

Today is also a day of a small degree of vindication. When we first filed suit, the screeching of the liberals was deafening. Everything from accusing us of playing politics instead of practicing law, to filing what they called a 'frivolous' lawsuit.
I want you to know, that our team makes decisions based on the Constitution and the laws. Period. We deal with the consequences of our decisions separately, but first and foremost we have been and will continue to be true to the Constitution and laws of the United States and Virginia, regardless of whether it's easy or hard in any particular case.

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DM said...

Why do conservatives and original constitutionalists insist that Obama care is unconstitutional but have no problem cashing their monthly Social Security checks, unemployment checks, or having Big Brother check their reading list at the library, or submit to an “unreasonable search” at the airport? The problem with special interest politics is the narrow-minded approach. Each of these are unconstitutional according to the originalist view of a static Constitution but currently only Obama care is what they focus on.