Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Joy Ride

Here we are one week from an election that some of us have been looking forward to since 2006 when the Democratic Party won control of congress. With all the talk about a Republican landslide I don't feel like happy days are hear again and it's time to party.

President Obama uses the analogy of the car in the ditch all the time, so I thought I would join in on some of the fun.

…and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

The republic is in a whole lot of trouble. Two more years of playing party politics may put the brakes on but the steering wheel is still controlled by President Obama and still headed for the cliff only a little slower with possibly a few detours.

Remember drivers ed, the instructor had a brake pedal but no steering wheel.

Big government spread the wealth entitlement type people will put up with tapping the brakes once in a while but try and turn that steering wheel at the same time and they accuse you of trying to cause an extreme accident.

Some in the Republican Party are happy with being that driver education instructor in the passenger seat tapping the brakes once and a while but not caring about what direction they are heading. Two years from now if the Republican Party is only tapping the brakes they will be thrown out of the car while it is moving, by me and millions of others riding in the back seat.

George Washington in his farewell address:
Warns against the party system. "It serves to distract the Public Councils, and enfeeble the Public Administration....agitates the Community with ill-founded jealousies and false alarms; kindles the animosity of one....against another....it opens the door to foreign influence and corruption...thus the policy and the will of one country are subjected to the policy and will of another."

We The People need to support our constitution above party politics. If you don’t like our current rule book for running our federal government (the U.S. Constitution) please feel free to add or remove amendments as necessary by playing by the rules (Article V). Ignoring our constitution and hoping it goes away will only create more divisions among We The People.

I have a feeling when Obama gives the keys to the car back to the American people in two years the car will be out of gas, almost damaged beyond repair and a credit card in the glove box over the limit.

The joy ride is fun until you run out of other people’s money.

When the joy ride is over the real work of repaying and repairing can begin.


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Black Tea

For the past year, the national media has attempted to paint the Tea Party movement and opposition to the Democratic agenda as based in racism, a reaction to the election of the first African-American President in November 2008. As the New York Times discovers, the reality of the opposition makes that very difficult to believe. Republicans have fielded a record number of African-American candidates for Congress, most or all of which have entered those contests with enthusiastic Tea Party support. More hear at HotAir

One might think the resurgence of black Republicans, coming as it does at a time when a black Democrat is president, would rate more than a feature story or two in the national media. But that would conflict with the liberal meme that Republicans are racist.

I bet you haven't heard of Tim Scott, Allen West or Ryan Frazier. If they were Democrats, I might lose that bet.

But they're not. Mr. Scott, Mr. West and Mr. Frazier are three of the 14 black candidates running for Congress as Republicans this November. Thirty-two black Republicans ran in the primaries.

Most of the 14 are running all-but-hopeless races against black Democratic incumbents in black majority districts. But Mr. Scott, running in South Carolina, is a virtual cinch to win. Mr. West (Florida) and Mr. Frazier (Colorado) are in races that are judged tossups.

If all three win, that would be a post-Reconstruction record. The largest number of black Republicans to serve together in the House in the last century is two, J.C. Watts (Oklahoma) and Gary Franks (Connecticut) between 1995 and 1997. There haven't been any since Mr. Watts retired in 2003.
Real Clear Politics

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


So did you think that 2010 was bad?
Well, you haven't seen anything yet.
2010 was a Sunday picnic compared to what is coming.
Get ready to get squeezed.
Get ready for higher food prices, higher gas prices, higher health insurance premiums and higher taxes.
Get ready to try to do a lot more with a lot less.

#3 It looks like those receiving Social Security are not going to be seeing cost-of-living increases again.
The Associated Press is reporting that the U.S. government is expected to announce some time this week that the tens of millions of Americans that receive Social Security will go through yet another year without an increase in their monthly benefit payments. You see, Social Security cost-of-living adjustments are tied to the official government inflation numbers, and according to the U.S. government there is basically very little inflation right now. Of course we all know that is a lie, but it is what it is.

#4 The cost of health care continues to soar into the stratosphere. Americans already pay more for health care than anyone else in the world, and yet costs continue to spiral out of control. The cost of health care increased
a staggering 9.6% for all U.S. households from 2007 to 2009. Now, health insurance companies from coast to coast are announcing that they must raise health insurance premiums substantially due to the new health care law that Barack Obama and the Democrats have pushed through. So in 2011 it looks like the average American family is going to have to carve out an even bigger chunk of the budget for health care.

More here

Backdoor Bailouts & Scrap Metal

These new backdoor bailouts are going to work something like this....

1) The big U.S. banks have massive quantities of junk mortgage-backed securities that are worth little to nothing that they desperately want to get rid of.

2) They convince the Federal Reserve (which the big banks are part-owners of) to buy up these "toxic assets" at way above market price.

3) The Federal Reserve creates massive amounts of money out of thin air to buy up all of these troubled assets. The public is told that all of this "quantitative easing" is necessary to stimulate the U.S. economy.

4) The big banks are re-capitalized and have gotten massive amounts of bad mortgage securities off their hands, the Federal Reserve has found a way to pump hundreds of billions (if not trillions) of dollars into the economy, and most of the American people are none the wiser.

Complete article here

The Number One U.S. Export To China: Waste Paper And Scrap Metal

Historians tell us that by the very end of the Roman Empire, goods were pouring into Rome from all over the known world, but about the only thing being sent out of Rome was human waste and garbage.

more here

Thursday, October 14, 2010

What's At Stake (Every Election)

A little over two years ago I wrote my first blog post, I have reposted below my opening remarks.
Solutions to our problems will not come from those responsible in Washington D.C. regardless of what party is in charge. The solutions will come from we the people in our individual lives, our families, and communities. Understanding that a large central government constantly expanding and promising to take care of us with your neighbors money and your neighbors grand children's money filtered through Washington D.C. is not the solution.
What’s at stake not only during this election but at this time in history?

This country is almost 233 years old since it started drafting The Declaration of Independence and 389 years since the May Flower arrived. I explained to my two beautiful daughters recently that we are really a young country in relation to other countries around the world. I then asked them “how did we become the greatest country on earth in just that short amount of time?” Casey responded, “We are special” and Carley answered, “Freedom”. Both are true and I am so proud of them. We are special - because of our freedom. The people of the May Flower were some of the first from England to settle and start a new life in this part of the world. It was their values, challenges, sacrifices and experiences that laid the foundation for what followed.

In 1620, when he was fifty years old, Christopher Jones and the Mayflower were hired to carry the Pilgrims and their cargo to Northern Virginia.

Christopher Jones and the Mayflower stayed with the Pilgrims in America through the winter. Half of the Mayflower's crew died the first winter.
The pilgrims are proof that fighting for freedom has no beginning or end.

What followed was a whole lot of history that I took very little interest in during my youth. My knowledge of American History is limited and I hope to change that in the years to come. The true stories of our past are more interesting, inspirational and at the same time more sobering than any fiction story that has ever been written. There have been many battles, struggles and wars fought since the day the Pilgrims settled almost 400 years ago. The 233 years between 1776 and present 2008, have been the most transitional in the history of mankind. Only 100 years ago things were much different.

* Star #46 was added to U.S. flag for Oklahoma

* Failed assassination attempt on Shah Mohammed Ali in Teheran

* Cincinnati Mayor Mark Breith stood before city council and announces that, "women are not physically fit to operate automobiles

* Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Murdock become 1st to travel across U.S. by car, they leave Los Angeles in a Packard and arrive in New York City in 32d-5h-25m

* Wireless Radio Broadcasting is patented by Nathan B. Stubblefield(I still listen to AM radio)

* 1st passenger flight in an airplane

* New York Giants scores shown on electric diamonds known as "Compton's Baseball Bulletin" at MSG

* Orville Wright makes 1st 1-hr airplane flight, Fort Myer, Va.

* Russia takes part of Poland

* Carriage-maker, William Durant, founded General Motors

* Henry Ford introduces Model T car

Only one generation ago their was no TV, air conditioning, computers, nuclear power, microwave ovens, cell phones with tv’s, fm radio, rock and roll, and Starbucks. The list is actually pretty long. The list of medical advancements in the U.S.A. is very long as well, and has improved life for everyone around the world. What this country has accomplished in the last 100 years alone is extraordinary and possible for one reason, freedom. Freedom is what saved the world in world war II, (when good people do nothing, evil wins) put a man on the moon, and gave us our independence to create a country for “We The People”. Brave free hard working men and women built this country. The prosperity created by this freedom has also been spread around the world. We often take all that has been accomplished for granted including our freedom. Nobody ever died trying to get to Cuba from Florida on a homemade raft. A lot of people have sacrificed their health and lives for the freedom of this country and other countries. I’m sure you have heard the saying “freedom is not free” freedom is also very fragile, and takes a lot of hard work and responsibility to maintain. Every day our freedoms are under assault by evil people that mean us harm inside and outside of this country. Others with good intentions can also threaten our freedoms through legislation in our local and federal government. One of John Kennedy’s famous quotes “Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country’’. One of Hugh Reynolds’ famous quotes “Take care of your self and your family, that is what you can do for your country.” A country’s freedom can be lost in one war or one day at a time. When the courts start making decisions that “We The People” should be deciding, freedoms are lost. When congress votes against the will of “We The People” to cover up their own mistakes, freedoms are lost. Don’t take freedom for granted. As a United States citizen, stay informed but not too much, it will make you crazy, like me. Be informed before you vote, as it’s not a popularity contest. When the government takes care of more and more of your needs it’s called socialism. If they give it to you, they can take it away. The government did not give you your freedom, God did, weather you believe in God or not. Your freedom can not come from another man.

One of the biggest challenges “We The People” have is to keep this a country worth fighting for. We have an all volunteer armed services with brave men and women who put their lives on the line every day for freedom. The more the culture in this country moves away from strong family values and the more freedom we loose, the weaker we become. Freedom loving people fight for freedom not for their government. Peace through strength. The citizens of these United States are a very blessed people because of good family values, friends and freedom. God bless all freedom loving people, and the men and women of our armed services.
Thanks for your service Dad.

If your children are not learning enough about history in school, there are more and more children’s books available today that could make a difference. I recommend any of Lynne Cheney’s history books for children. Her newest book
"We The People" is available at Amazon.com for a great price. New Also try Founders' Fables

I would like to thank my lovely wife Kelly for asking me to write for her blog. It actually felt pretty good and I enjoyed it. She might end up regretting this, I have a lot on my mind. Keep up the great work on your
blog Kelly!

How we became the greatest country in history we should never forget. How we keep this the greatest country may be even more of a challenge and it is up to us, We The People…

Monday, October 4, 2010

Good Economic News

Cuba announces raft of reforms - Cuba is preparing to embrace the free market the hard way by laying off hundreds of thousands of public sector workers in the next six months. Full story here

Maybe in January the headlines will read - U.S.A. is preparing to embrace the free market the hard way by laying off hundreds of thousands of public sector workers in the next six months.

I don't think the home made rafts will be going in the other direction any time soon but at the same time Cuba has no place to go but up.

If you want the headlines to change in our country you need to change Washington D.C. 4 weeks from today.