Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Here We Go Again ! ! !

In one of their last acts before Congress adjourns for the year, Senate Democrats are pushing a 1,924-page spending bill that includes massive earmark spending. If passed, the measure would be enacted into law without debate in the full senate.

$1.1 Trillion Spending Bill Nears 2,000 Pages

Full story at THEBLAZE.COM if you can stomach it.

I have an idea, vote up or down on tax rates and then go home.

Here is another clue: If their is less revenue to the federal government due to a slow economy and all the politicians screwing things up, spending should be reduced not increased.

Then when you come back next year don't tell us what you are going TO DO, tell us what you are going to UNdo.

I know this is a lame duck congress and this behavior was expected but the actions this congress is taking is criminal.


Jan n Jer said...

What a mess our country is in. Makes me sick!!!

DM said...

Why should they act differenly in a lame duck session than they did in regular session?