Monday, October 12, 2009

Fighting Freedom vs. Freedom Fighting

What I Heard in Honduras - Jim Demint (Senator South Carolina)

America's Founding Fathers—like the framers of Honduras's own constitution—believed strong institutions were necessary to defend freedom and democracy from the ambitions of would-be tyrants and dictators. Faced by Mr. Zelaya's attempted usurpations, the institutions of Honduran democracy performed as designed, and as our own Founding Fathers would have hoped.
Hondurans are therefore left scratching their heads. They know why Hugo Chávez, Daniel Ortega and the Castro brothers oppose free elections and the removal of would-be dictators, but they can't understand why the Obama administration does. wsj piece here

Our ambassador is the only person I met there who thinks there was a 'coup.' Let's release the State Department legal analysis.

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Below are some great links that tell the full story. The power point link provides a timeline in a easy to understand format.

The Background, Myths, and Ironies of the Current Political Situation in Honduras can be found here in a power point format.

Interim President Micheletti interview here
Honduras: Supreme Court Justifies Presidential Firing here

We can disagree on policies and programs our President supports, but fighting freedom and the right of another country to uphold their constitution is not right vs. left , it is right vs. wrong.

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