Thursday, September 3, 2009

My Thoughts on How BO Became 44

1.He promised hope and change - Who could disagree with hope and you had to be well informed and read between the lines to understand the kind of change he was really talking about.

2.He ran as a moderate and at times talked like a conservative – His voting record in congress was one of the most liberal, his promises of tax cuts and mortgage payments sealed the deal for some.

3.I think it’s time for a black president – Is that statement racist? A black conservative would have been destroyed by the liberal press and the democratic party.

4.The antique press had thrills going up their legs (Chris Mathews) – To this day the antique press offers very little criticism of the man they helped elect.

5.John McCain – RINO republican in name only, started out the primary in last place and finished first? Basically a lack of leadership in the Republican Party. Conservatives held their nose while voting for John McCain. Some didn’t vote.

6.Young and good looking and never smokes in public – Image is a big part of being electable, old man vs. young active cool guy.

7.Money - Barack and his operators put on huge events that cost millions. The amount of money spent to elect Barack Obama broke all records.

8.Colin Powell – Put his support behind Barack, at the same time he insists the Republican Party needs to be more moderate like John McCain?

9.George Bush - “ I’ve abandoned free-market principles to save the free-market” George was not much help for the Republican nominee.

10.Barack Obama – One term? Can the President be as successful as the candidate? Only time will tell. Or will he be the best thing that ever happened to the Conservatives in 2010 & 2012?

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Janis said...

IT will be interesting to see what happens in our next election.