Monday, September 21, 2009

The Scars Of Slavery

The scars of slavery on our country and other freedom loving countries around the world will always be a part of our history we should not and can not forget. We should also try to realize that in the end it was freedom and liberty that allowed us to correct our mistakes and try to move forward. What would this country and the world be like today if good people wanting to do what is right did not have the freedom to prevail over evil?

Slavery still exists around the world to this day, mostly in countries run by dictators, where freedom and liberty do not exist. You can read Modern Day Slavery Around The World article and wonder why the U.N. and the world can't do more on this issue.

Mankind can never be perfect but his only chance of fighting evil is by being free.

I appreciate your comments as they both inform and challenge me to learn and after all that is why I started blogging to begin with.


Janis said...

It's always good to have "Food for Thought" Keep on blogging, its a great outlet for your passion.

hughsr said...

Perfect we may not be, but with each act of protest and the knowledge we gain from each meeting, every conversation and all the info from our fellow Proud Americans we will have that freedom. One shirt at a time. Thank you, Sharon & Grandad.