Monday, January 19, 2009

King Was A Republican

Why Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a Republican

By Frances Rice

It should come as no surprise that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a Republican. Why? It was the Democrats who Dr. King was fighting, and he would not have joined the Democratic Party, the party of segregation and the Ku Klux Klan.

The information for this post provided by the National Black Republican Association

MLK would be a Republican today

Today, while professing to revere Dr. King, Democrats are still trying to tarnish his image and diminish his civil rights achievements by claiming that, if Dr. King were alive today, he would embrace the secularist, socialist policies of the Democratic Party. In reality, Dr. King was a Christian who held deeply religious beliefs and was guided by his faith and his Republican Party principles in his struggle to gain equality for blacks. He did not embrace the type of socialist, secularist agenda that is promoted by the Democrat Party today, which includes fostering dependency on welfare that breaks up families, supporting same-sex marriage, approving partial-birth abortion and banning God from the public square. An understanding of who the real Dr.King was can be gained from a glimpse of Dr. King as a youngman who participated in an oratorical contest when he was 14 years old. The title of his speech was “The Negro and the Constitution” which had the following sentences: “We cannot have an enlightened democracy with one great group living in ignorance…We cannot be truly Christian people so long as we flout the central teachings of Jesus: brotherly love and the Golden Rule….” Unless and until black Americans stop voting monolithically for Democrats and leverage their vote, the way other groups do, there will be no changes in black communities. Blacks need to stop having their vote taken for granted and hold politicians accountable for the content of their policies, and not vote for candidates merely based on the label of the candidates' party.


The Church Lady said...

Did you know that in 1964 King was the youngest person to receive the Nobel Peace Prize for ending racial discrimination and segregation? I truly believe he was a great man.

Janis said...

Lets hope our New president will carry out MLK's dream for the future.