Thursday, December 11, 2008

Car Czar?


General Motors sold 9.37 million vehicles worldwide in 2007 and lost $38.7 billion. Toyota sold 9.37 million vehicles in 2007 and made $17.1 ...

I told my wife a few months ago that we might not recognize this country in about 10 years. I need to revise those comments, it is happening now.

We are nationalizing free markets!

Future Health Care
Oil and Energy (You should listen to Congress woman Maxine Waters here)

Generations of hard work are going to be turned over to our govt.?

I honestly believe the American auto makers have a better chance of surviving if the federal govt. stays out. There are already programs in place to handle these situations, bankruptcy. I would rather buy a vehicle from GM than GGM (GovtGM).

Congress will once again be going against the will of We The People because of the unions and their financial influence of mostly democratic congress members.

George W. Bush has disapointed me on the bail out issues. The republicans in congress may stop the auto bail out this time, but it's just a matter of time with the new administration taking over.

Have a little fun and try making up some govt. car names. Remember the Yugo? How about YUOWE or IOU SUV or Cadilack.

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Janis said...

I love my little Toyota and before that my nissan. GM sucks and has for a long time! Just my thoughts!