Saturday, January 8, 2011

What You Already Know

12/11/2009 Silver Purchase 18.00 oz.

1/7/2011 Silver Purchase 32.00 oz.

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Our currency is made of paper with fancy ink and coins made of junk metals and at one time the paper currency was backed by gold and silver and the coins were made of silver and gold.

What is it backed with now? Promises, the printing press and future tax payments by the producers and hard working people of our country for generations to come.

Inflation will destroy savings and retirement accounts and reduce the standard of living for all who live on fixed incomes and those who live pay check to pay check.


Janis said...

Yep...families will have to move in together in order to keep a roof over their heads....sooooo when is that inlaw apt. going to be ready??? hehe

The Church Lady said...

Great. Better stock up on that silver!