Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What is this Russia?

"No owner or operator of a restaurant in this state shall use salt in any form in the preparation of any food for consumption by customers of such restaurant, including food prepared to be consumed on the premises of such restaurant or off of such premises," the bill, A. 10129 , states in part.

The legislation, which Assemblyman Felix Ortiz , D-Brooklyn, introduced on March 5, would fine restaurants $1,000 for each violation.

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My Take
This is only the beginning of what will happen as our free market systems are taken over by unlimited government.
As our health care systems are taken over by the federal government, salt bans will only be the tip of the ice berg.

Let me understand this; new york will buy needles for heroin addicts and then propose a new law banning salt? New police forces will be needed to enforce the Salt Law (The Food Police) and another police force will be needed to enforce mandatory health care coverage, do you see where this is going? Well maybe you will when you get fined $1,000.00 for putting salt on your Board Walk Fries.

What will be next? hamburgers, hot dogs, sugar, funnel cake (yum), Five Guys will be put out of business :(

I keep hearing they are going to cut fraud and waste in the current Medicare and Medicaid programs in the new HCbill, if so why can't they do that yesterday? Nothing about tort reform which has been proven to cut premiums in states like Texas and Mississippi are in the bill, because some of the biggest donors to the democrat party are lawyers.

Barack Obama indicated health care is a complicated issue; it's only complicated when you try to take it completely over.
If you think the government knows best politicians are not taking it over you could be right, because even they admit this bill is only the foundation.

Government run health care is the biggest can of worms this country has ever opened, everything in our lives can be related to our health.
Let the government repair social security, medicare, medicaid, postal service, trillion dollar debts, immigration, Fanny Mae, Freddie Mac, .... and then they can ask if we need their help with our health care, 1/6 th of our economy.

If and when the health care bill passes the states and the people will push back through the court systems. Forcing citizens to buy health care coverage from their federal government can not be constitutional, but then again it has not stopped them in the past.

I pray our representative republic survives.



Janis said...

Hmmmm very interesting...

Lorraine said...

I think the wise French Economist, Frederic Bastiat (1801-1850) has the appropriate reply for this issue:

"Advise me but do not force your opinion on me. I shall decide at my peril and risk; that is enough, and for the law to interfere would be tyranny."