Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Saturday at CPAC 2010

Conservative Political Action Conference
Constitutional Political Action Conference

My take - CPAC should be a place for all conservative voices and ideas to be heard and debated. It is not called RPAC, LPAC or TPAC and all those people complaining about Ron Paul winning the straw pole or those complaining about a little bit of criticism of the Republicans should just be thankful for the huge turn out and the interest that young Americans are taking in the conservative movement. Both political parties need more people involved that understand that the U.S. Constitution was established to limit the power of the federal government and believe it is the answer to our country's challenges. Pocket Constitutions could be found everywhere you looked at CPAC, let's pray our future leaders will use it as their guide.

This link http://www.americanthinker.com/2010/02/cpacs_odd_ending.html is typical of post CPAC chatter that seems to miss the point, however it does a good job of reviewing the conference.


The Church Lady said...

I'm glad you stay informed. You have some very good points.

Janis said...

I heard you were invited into the press box...cool!

Lorraine said...

Press Box? - Yep. I was witness to a man who can make things happen!

The day was an Interesting new experience in the roll of advocates for the individual freedom our Constitution could protect - if enough people just knew.

farider said...

I'm so proud of the three of you all going and staying informed on our country. We may loose site and become down trodded at times but going to these meetings can be so up lifting. Every little piece of information can spark a good thought toward freedom.