Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Public Option "The Hammer"

We have just learned that Senate Democrats are in final preparations to unveil their healthcare "hammer" to get ObamaCare passed. The "hammer" is the new public option compromise being worked out -- again behind closed doors -- that puts the government-run public option plan under the direction of a"non-governmental board."As if we are to believe this is an improvement! The "hammer public option" would be imposed immediately in every state that does not meet the ObamaCare guidelines. In addition, Reid and the Democrats have gotten so desperate to pass ObamaCare prior to Christmas that we now have positive confirmation that the "nuclear option" is still a looming threat. (The "nuclear option" would only require 50 votes to pass ObamaCare instead of the 60 votes now needed to end debate on the Senate floor.)

Sen. Ben Nelson acknowledged that in an op-ed. He feared failure to cast a vote to proceed would move Reid to use the "budget reconciliation" nuclear option. With the "hammer" coming and the very real threat of the nuclear option on the table, we are almost guaranteed avote on ObamaCare in the Senate before Christmas. We expect the "hammer public option" to be revealed next week and we want to greet its arrival with 750,000 petitions hand-delivered to U.S. Senate offices. Already more than 640,000 citizens in Grassfire Nation have taken a stand against government-run health care, but I absolutely need your help right now to push us to our petition goal!

Take whatever time needed to get this update into the hands and hearts of 35-40 friends. Urgently press upon each of them the importance of taking immediate action against this devastating bill that would change the face of our nation. Have them click here now to sign the petition and have it hand-delivered to your two senators as soon as we reach 750,000:

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