Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Happy Constitution Day - September 17, 2010

Read It

It's not a living breathing document.

When it does need a little adjustment it should be done so through the amendment process not the courts.

I challenge you to find out for yourself what it takes to amend the constitution.

If our Constitution is out dated, why has it been amended 17 times since the first 10 amendments (the bill of rights)?

Amendment XXVII Adopted 1992

Mark your calendars fellow lovers of Liberty and the Constitution, the King Dude is hosting his 1st Annual Constitution Day-Spirit of '76 Viewing Party. In addition, the audio version of Spirit of'76 will stream live from the link below.

It will cost you 0.0 to listen and learn, no reading!

The voices of our founding fathers come to life with the actual text from those days in 1787 at the constitutional convention in Philadelphia.

Thursday 9/16/2010 7:00 PM eastern


Janis said...

You know, I got to thinking about our fore fathers who wrote the Constitution. While I think its a good document, it is also an imperfect document. For instance...When they said "All men are created equal" were'nt most of them slave owners???? How equal is that?? Just my thought!

Anonymous said...

Many founding fathers struggled with slavery at the time the constitution was written. George Wasington in 9/9/1786 calls for the abolition of slavery. Due to so many issues and disagreements between the colonies during the time the constitution was signed the amendment process was written into the constitution. Womens right to vote the 19th amendment was not added until 1920! The founding fathers knew of many challenges our country would need to face they also knew the importance of establishing a country first was the first priority. Southern states would not have united with the north to create the 13 colonies to fight the British, the slavery issue would have to wait.

Lorraine said...

All this talk about the Constitution is pretty amazing. I knew nothing about it just a couple years ago.

During my reading, I was first disappointed that the Constitution SEEMED to treat slaves differently. But that changed as I slowly learned more.

The founders had included the most
important tool for providing freedom right in the words of the Declaration of Independence.

Dred Scott seemed to see that tool. When he sought to be freed in 1857, he referred to the statement in the Declaration that “all men are created equal”. I
believe the founding documents clearly support that he and all slaves should have been freed as a result of his case. Instead the Supreme Court effectively
disregarded the wording of the Declaration insisting equality did not apply, seemingly finding that slaves were property and not people.

Could the injustice of slavery have been corrected in 1857 before the start of the Civil War? The opportunity was there. If only the Supreme Court had actually upheld the founding documents and followed the Founder’s words.

A journey of self-education is a key to retaining freedom. I now see that we were not taught what we must know.

Happy Constitution Day!