Monday, June 1, 2009

Elections Have Consequences - Time To Vent

It has been over four months since the election of Barack Hussein Obama by We The People of the United States of America. Some people thought with his presence alone, in the White House, there lives would change for the better, some thought their lives would change for the worse. One thing is certain, change. Change is one promise that is easy to keep because it can't be stopped. Is it too soon to decide if the country is doing better or worse? With czars appointed to various positions reporting directly to the president and all of us owning stock in auto companies and banks that we did not ask for or agree to and will never see a dividend check from, we are starting to see more change than our Constitution can handle. The taking over of our health care system will surely establish us as a government first We The People second society. I think it is safe to say We The People are not running this country anymore no matter who you voted for. Transparency was one promise broken, (sorry I had to slip one in) today there are lawyers fighting for information under The Freedom of Information Act. Legislation passed by congress is not read by most of our representatives nor posted for the public to read for the minimum time promised during the election, before it is signed into law by President Obama. I could spend some time writing about the promises that have not been kept, but informed people are more concerned about the promises that he will keep. President Obama said in his inaugural speech we need to remake this country. He is. Allot of what is happening with private businesses being taken over by big government with noooooooooooo money(BTW that's how many zeros are in a trillion) is not even being discussed by congress. You remember congress, don't you? They are to represent the individual states of these United States of America.

I heard today that GM will be the largest company to ever file for bankruptcy. Now that it is run by We The People it can't run out of money, just like our federal government it can tax and spend with no limits. Why are there no limits to government spending and size? The U.S. Constitution Limits Government right?
How does a bankrupt government take over bankrupt companies?

58,000,000 (million) people that did not vote for Barack Obama are not sore losers, they understand that Elections Have Consequences and they also understand remaking our constitution will too. When you become the President of The United States it does not give you the right to remake this country or our constitution. 58 million people do not agree with this type of Change, and they will protest in a positive way again on Independence Day.

Ok, Now it's Time To Vent!
Enough of the Change, time for some Hope.

I hope my Expedition stays legal
I hope my french fries don't get taxed too much to pay for Obama Health Care
I hope the banks start sending me all those special offers again every day for 0% interest
I hope the terrorist will surrender now
I hope the wind keeps blowing
I hope the cars get smaller and smaller they are so cute.
I hope the supreme court knows what's best for me
I hope I get a picture of Air Force 1 flying over the scared people
I hope my date nights never cost 24,000.00 - update $250,000.00
I hope China doesn't build another coal fired power plant and drill for oil near Cuba
I hope the wind mills don't freeze and stop in the winter time
I hope trickle up economics starts working soon
I hope the republican party finds their backbone before I become an Independent
I Hope Obama Changes
I hope therefore I am.

I hope one day we return to free market solutions and the responsibilities of the federal government are limited as established in our Constitution.

I hope the states and local communities will rely more on each other and less on the wasteful and sometimes harmful programs of our federal government.

I hope rewarding failure and punishing success ends.

I hope We The People will not forget that many battles and wars were fought in this country and around the world defending freedom and liberty on the battlefield for hundreds of years, we also need to defend it in our economy. Freedom and liberty in our lives and economy, have allowed us to become the greatest country on Earth. The freedom to fail or succeed is critical for the future of our economy and our country.



The Church Lady said...

Glad you got that off your chest!

I "hope" it made you feel better.

BTW, I agree with you.

Anonymous said...

I can agree with you but my question is: it it too late?
WE THE PEOPLE have been asleep, or so it seems, what can we do to make us whole again?