Thursday, February 12, 2009

The U.S. Constitution (The Rule Book)

Response to Anonymous
I wanted no bail outs from the start. If congress was not to blame for all this mess, there would be hearings and criminal trials and people in jail. The fact is congress is never held accountable and now they expect me to be concerned about the policies of private companies. The democratic congress will now point fingers at the companies they had to bail out due to their involvement and policies to begin with. I do not have the energy to listen to news or talk about CEOs getting paid too much or how they run their businesses, if they would have just failed to begin with, it would have been the end of the discussion. It is not a bail out, it is a take over. Just replace the word what ever it may be, rescue, bail out, with the words government take over and it all spells nationalism (to transfer a business, property, or industry from private to governmental control or ownership). Our federal government bankrupts everything they run, even the Capitol cafeteria. The reason our military is successful is due to the good honorable people who make it up, and it will be the first and possibly the only department to face cuts. The goal of this administration is not to improve the economy but to run it. Health care is 1/7 th of the economy. Nancy Pelosi (Dem. Congress House Leader), Harry Reid (Dem. Senate Majority Leader) and yes even Barack Obama are more concerned about the power it brings to the Democratic Party than your health. When capitalism is driven out of any industry quality will go down, wages will go down, the standard of living will go down and costs will go up. The oil industry could be next. Maybe the democrats won't let us drill, until they control it 100%. The first amendment (freedom of speech) is also under attack through the Fairness Doctrine (Controlling content on the public airwaves). The Census will now be overseen by the white house and not the Commerce Department. The Nationalization of housing and banking started with Freddie and Fanny, you know all about them don't ya. Those who believe in the Constitution and the Heritage of this country would like all people to live by The U.S. Constitution (The Rule Book), not a donkey or an elephant. HWR

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Janis said...

I don't know enough about socialism to comment. I do know that we have 11 million people out of work and more homes are in forclosure since the depression. Something has to change, because it sure wont get better by itself.

The Church Lady said...

Cute cartoon ♥